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            Privacy Policy Scope
            Author:山東龍興化工機械集團有限公司  Create date:2012-11-02 10:18:22  Hots:13037

            Privacy Policy Scope
            For users logging on to the site to stay personally
            identifiable information.
            The content of the information collected
            When you register on our website, or using other companies
            products or services, visit the company website, I have that
            station will collect your personal information,
            Including name, phone number, zip code, address.
            The Bank will automatically receive and record your browser
            and the server log information, including but not limited to
            your IP address, cookie information in this site and your
            web history requirements.
             The use and protection of information
            The company will collect the contents of the above
            information to:
            1. for customers to send products and services;
            2. for customers to design and provide after sales guidance
            3. to provide other services (the part of the increase or
            decrease depending on your situation.)
            Held by the Company of its customer data confidential,
            1. have your consent to share the information;
            2. only disclose your personal information to provide you
            requested products and services;
            3. According to legal requirements, have the right authority
            to make law or comply with legal directives, but the company
            will provide the appropriate jurisdiction;
            4. In case of emergency, to safeguard the interests of users
            and the public;
            5. the other Companies that need to open, edit, or disclose
            personal information in the situation.
            The revised privacy policy privacy policy website reserves
            the right to make changes.

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