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            2019 Longxing Chemical Machinery Research Base Investment Promotion Announcement
            Author:山東龍興化工機械集團有限公司  Create date:2019-08-30 09:17:06  Hots:726
                 In order to accelerate economic development, expand the scale of enterprises, and upgrade the industrial structure, Shandong Longxing Group decided to attract foreign investment!

            1. Geographic location:

             Longxing Chemical Machinery Scientific Research Base is located in the outer urban-rural junction of the southern part of Laizhou City. It is adjacent to the G18 highway in the south and National Highway 206 in the west.

            2. Plant area:

            The Longxing Chemical Machinery Scientific Research Base covers an area of ??33,000 square meters, with a construction area of ??15,000 square meters. Among them, the office building, research building, and dormitory building have a construction area of ??3,000 square meters, and the production workshop construction area is 12,000 square meters.

            3. Details:

            (1) Methods of investment promotion: sole investment, joint venture or lease.

            (2) Investment promotion projects: high technology equipment, machinery manufacturing, electronics, and new energy, new materials, new processes, new technologies, etc.

            (3) Investment promotion concept: pro-business, wealthy business, innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing.

            (4) Means of investment promotion: whole process, specialization and high performance.

            (5) Investment requirements: zero obstacles, low cost and high efficiency.

            (6) The purpose of investment promotion: to attract real businessmen, attract huge investment and make good projects; develop rapidly, make great strides and revitalize the economy

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