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            Steam Boiler

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             Product Name:Natural gas steam boiler
            Product detail:

            Natural gas fired Steam Boiler

            The gas steam boiler uses natural gas as fuel to heat the water through a gas burner. When the water temperature reaches the upper limit temperature of the set water temperature, the burner stops working, and the boiler enters the automatic heat preservation state, and the user can obtain steam from the exhaust port.

            Gas-fired steam boilers can also be connected to insulated water tanks to meet the steam demand of centralized water supply units such as hospitals and schools.

            The gas-fired steam boiler operates fully automatically. With imported burner, it has steam supply, automatic control of flame, automatic adjustment, automatic cleaning of furnace and automatic detection of wind pressure.

            The equipment is advanced in design, adopting horizontal three-return, wet-back and corrugated furnace structure, which is beneficial to enhance heat transfer. The wet-back structure improves the operating environment of the boiler. It is beneficial to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler and prolong the service life of the boiler, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the thermal efficiency is high.

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